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Max Lee of L.A. Rocks
Max Lee is the brilliant 18 year old drummer for the musical duo ‘LA ROCKS’, along with his younger brother Dillon Scott (just 14) on guitar. They are intent on making their mark in the music scene with a fresh style and unique sound. One of the most interesting and...MORE
August 2009
Interview with Bill Bruford - by Robert Kaye of Abstract Logix
Mention the name Bill Bruford to nearly any Prog-Rock, Fusion or Contemporary Jazz aficionado, let alone most drummers, and what you?ll likely encounter is sense of veneration bordering upon...MORE
December 2004 - Blast From the Past
Interview with Brian Tichy - Speed-Baggin'
During a recent break from touring, recording, and writing with Billy Idol, multi-instrumentalist Brian Tichy rejoined Foreigner for their upcoming record and tour. Tichy also recently rediscovered his longtime...MORE
November 2009 - Primm/Las Vegas
Interview with Dale Moon - by Drum Dungeon
Dale Moon is a touring and recording member of the Travis Larson Band, an award-winning California-based rock fusion trio. An original member of the band, Moon appears...MORE
November 2009 - L.A. California
Pre-Interview Background Info on John Cloutier - by Drum Dungeon
This is the beginning of a series of articles, interviews, and all things in between on John Cloutier, otherwise known as Johnny C., in the drumming world. Besides being a drummer himself, Johnny C. is the Artist Relations Director dealing with...MORE
December 2009 - East Coast
December 11th 2009
The Joint inside The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Interview with the Original Drummer of Funk, Lanise Hughes  - by The Drum Dungeon
Lanise Hughes started playing drums at the very early age of 3 by learning on a snare drum given to him by his father. He was notorious for tearing up some early grooves on oatmeal...MORE
January 10th 2010
Las Vegas NV
Interview with Kleo Xirou of KLEODRUMS - by The Drum Dungeon
KLEO XIROU is a truly fascinating person. Born originally in the U.S. she migrated back to her families homeland of Greece in 1999 to get even more in touch with...MORE
January 14th 2010
Athens Greece
Interview with Santana percussionist Karl Perazzo - by The Drum Dungeon
Karl Perazzo since the age of 2 has played some kind of drum or other. At age 7 he played in a band that his mother and father. From there he became unstoppable and went on to play with Cal Tjader while only in...MORE
February 10th 2010
Las Vegas NV
Sam Ash Quikship Corp.
Video Interview with Dale Moon of the Travis Larson Band - by The Drum Dungeon
Travis Larson Band did an EV audio clinic at the Sam Ash mega-music store in Las Vegas, the Dungeon was there to talk with their drummer rock/fusion maestro Dale Moon...MORE
March 12th 2010
Las Vegas NV
Video Interview with Brent Fitz of Slash @ Sam Ash Las vegas
by The Drum Dungeon
Lez Warner sits down and talks with Slash's new drummer Brent Fitz about getting into the music biz and what it takes to get your music career where it needs to be...MORE
May 1st 2010
Las Vegas NV
Interview with Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner - "It's Always Been Metal"
by The Drum Dungeon
Earlier this year we had a chance to sit down with speed-metal king drummer extrodinaire, Jason Bittner of the premium metal band Shadows Fall...MORE
September 2010
Las Vegas NV
BEHIND THE SCENES: Video Interview with Eric Holmquist, Drumtech for Phil Ehart of Kansas
by The Drum Dungeon
In August 2010 the Dungeon caught up with Kansas at a Las vegas gig to interview Eric Holmquist who drumtechs for drummer extaordinaire Phil Ehart. We ask him what it's like on the road and...MORE
October 2010
Las Vegas NV
Bonzo Tribute: The Groove Remains the Same show review
by Craig Marazzo
In September 2010 The Dungeons man in the Hollywood trenches, Crag Marazzo experiences the first of an annual tribute to the late John Henry Bonham...MORE
Septemberr 2010
Hollywood California
Roland V-Drum Contest @ Sam Ash Las Vegas
by Drum Dungeon
The Roland V-Drum contest finals where held Nov. 4th at Sam Ash in Las Vegas with performances by Blue Man Group, Johnny Rabb, and Thomas Lang, along with the six finalists who competed...MORE
November 2010
Las Vegas NV
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Drum Dungeon Exclusive Interview with Drum Legend CARL PALMER -
by Lew Bowman
The Drum Dungeon had the honor of sitting down for a chat with legendary drummer and percussionist extraordinaire Carl Palmer. We also had the pleasure of sitting through one of his ...MORE
November 2010
Las Vegas NV
Drum Dungeon Exclusive Interview with Drum Superstar PRAIRIE PRINCE -
by Lew Bowman
Drum Superstar Prairie Prince gave the Dungeon a bit of his time off from a busy touring schedule with The Tubes, Jefferson Airplane, and Todd Rundgren. A founding member of The Tubes and Journey. He has also worked ...MORE
December 2010