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Stefanie Eulinberg grew up in Cleveland. Note to aspiring rock stars from Steph: "You can indeed make it big playing the lounge circuit. Just make sure you know the right people."

Stefanie labored for years in a variety of outfits, playing hotel bars, cruise ships, prisons, wherever the demand came for a pop cover band.

"I floated around just about everywhere," she says.

She was floating in Milwaukee last year when the call came from her pal DJ Swamp, who was out on the road spinning for Beck: This Kid Rock guy in Detroit has a record on Atlantic, and he needed a drummer. Like, now.

After a flurry of answering-machine phone tag, Eulinberg connected with Kid Rock. "We've narrowed it down to three, and you're one of them," he told her -- despite not having heard her play.

"Let's face it," she says with a laugh. "I'm a black chick. Who wouldn't want something different like that?"

She shipped a tape overnight. Within days, she was in town, the latest, and final piece of Kid Rock's TBT puzzle.

Quite an artistic leap, it might seem, from playing pop covers to bulwarking the bottom end of a gritty rock ensemble. But Eulinberg insists the musical transition was a cinch.

"The only thing I had to get used to was living with 15 guys in an RV," she says.

Life's gotten a little easier now that the Kid Rock caravan includes three snazzy tour buses. Like her TBT comrades, she's getting used to being recognized out.

"It's always the same three questions," she says. "One: 'You're with Kid Rock, right?' Two: 'Where is he?' And three: 'Do you have any extra tickets?' "

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Stefanie Eulinberg (born Stephanie Eulinberg in 1966 in Toledo, Ohio) is the drummer for Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band. At the time when she joined she fronted a punk rock group. Blues Singer Swamp Dogg contacted her saying Kid Rock was looking for a drummer. Initially, after listening to 'Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast,' she didn't like what she heard. Kid Rock eventually sent her new stuff he was working on and she was impressed. She sent him a demo video tape soon after and she would eventually join Kid Rock's band. Eulinberg's father is German-American and her mother is African-American; she is the only member of Twisted Brown who does not hail from Michigan.

Stefanie plays Gretsch drums. She has played Gretsch drums for years and says they are the only drums that have the sound that is so versatile. Her first Gretsch was played at a music store she worked in. She just loved the sound and knew that Gretsch was the drum for her.

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