In the summer of '94, Phillips moved into a house with two other guys, one of whom turned him on to the classic rock of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. Phillips began to jam with that roommate, which ultimately motivated the drummer to get back to his first love and find a band.

Creed formed after singer Scott Stapp and lead guitar player Mark Tremonti, friends at Florida State University and high school classmates at Orlando's Lake Highland Preparatory School, decided to form a band. After recruiting bass player Brian Marshall, drummer Scott Phillips, and rhythm guitar player Brian Basher to complete the band, Creed originally came together in 1994 as Naked Toddler, although Basher left the band in 1995, after which Marshall later suggested the name Creed after the band he played in named Maddox Creed. The four members had already written and collaborated four of the songs that would go on to become tracks on their chart-topping debut album My Own Prison. The songs were "One", "Sister" "my own prison" and "What's This Life For".

Creed was discovered by manager Jeff Hanson when the band played a show at a bar he owns in Tallahassee, Florida. According to Hanson in an interview with HitQuarters, the band had played mostly cover versions but two original songs stood out and impressed the manager so much that he promptly signed them to Jeff Hanson Management & Promotions and set about developing their act. For their first recordings he matched the band up with John Kurzweg, a producer friend of Hanson's who, with his unobtrusive production style and talents as a songsmith and multi-instrumentalist, he felt was a great fit. Together they recorded their debut album My Own Prison for $6,000, which was funded by Hanson.

They released two studio albums: My Own Prison (1997) and Human Clay (1999) before Marshall left the band in 2000 to be replaced by touring bass player Brett Hestla. Afterwards came Weathered (2001) with Mark Tremonti handling bass.

Creed produced three multi-platinum albums, selling 26 million records in the United States and an estimated 40 million records worldwide. During their eight years and three albums together, (”My Own Prison”, “Human Clay” and “Weathered”) Creed accomplished countless rock and roll landmarks, selling millions of albums worldwide. With their unprecedented radio success and captivating live shows, Creed was one of the most successful acts to rule the charts in the last decade.

Scott had this to say about keeping up his chops: 
"Whenever you're on tour, there's no problem keeping your chops up because you're doing it all the time. But before we made the last album, we needed the downtime, because we were exhausted. I think it was good for us to get away from our instruments, and get away from the life and the scene. We needed to get back to a normal life, where people don't wait on you hand and foot. I must say I think we've all stayed pretty levelheaded considering the amount of success we've had."

On June 4, 2004, Creed officially announced their break-up. Former Creed songwriter and guitarist Mark Tremonti decided to join forces with Scott, original Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four singer/songwriter Myles Kennedy. The new band, Alter Bridge, released their debut album in the summer of 2004, touring around the world to support its release. On November 22, 2004, Creed released their Greatest Hits album.

Now a former member of the monster successfull Creed and a current member of Alter Bridge, Scott Phillips epitomizes the role of today’s modern rock drummer.

"Creed was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I was really excited to start over and do something new and fresh as well. The most significant things that we’ve taken from the Creed experience are the lessons that we learned. We truly believe that the decisions we’ve made for our future are the right ones. After writing, recording and touring behind the first Alter Bridge album, we are confident that we’ve made the right choices,” said the enthusiastic Phillips.

Phillips cites the following drummers as his influences: Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Matt Cameron (Soundgarden/Pearl Jam), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Morgan Rose (Sevendust), and Neil Peart (Rush). His favorite bands are Living Colour, Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Rush and favorite albums are Time's Up (Living Colour), The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall (Pink Floyd), Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin), and Superunknown (Soundgarden).

Scott has, in the past, used Premier Drums, but has recently been seen with DW Drums. Scott also uses Evans Drumheads, Zildjian cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks.

Drums: DW Drums Jazz Series

• 22x18" Bass Drum
• 10x8" Rack Tom
• 12x9" Rack Tom
• 16x16" Floor Tom
• 18x16" Floor Tom
• 14x6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum

Cymbals: Zildjian

• 14" A custom top w/ 14" A Quick beat bottom
• 18" Z3 Medium Crash (x2)
• 19" Z3 Medium Crash (x2)
• 10" A Splash
• 22" A Custom Ping Ride
• 9.5" Zil-Bel
• 20" Oriental China Trash

Drumheads: Evans

• Snare: Power Center over Hazy 300
• Toms: G2 Clear over G1 Clear
• Bass Drum: EQ3 Clear over EQ3 Black Resonant


• Vic Firth Scott Phillips Signature Series: A slightly enlarged 5B shaft with a short tear drop tip for a very focused sound. In hickory. L = 16 11/64", Dia. = .605”

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Drum Dungeon Bio - SCOTT PHILLIPS
Thomas Scott "Flip" Phillips (born February 22, 1973, Valdosta, Georgia) is the drummer and co-founder of the bands Alter Bridge and Creed. Phillips grew up in Madison, Florida. He started out playing in a band called Crosscut at 18. In 2004, he joined Alter Bridge with fellow then-former Creed members bassist Brian Marshall and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti. He is a self-taught drummer, starting at age 18, and has also played piano and saxophone. Phillips is credited with playing drums and keyboards on Creed's 2001 album Weathered, and also on Alter Bridge's 2010 release AB III.

He now lives in Central Florida with his wife, April, and their daughter, Cadence.

Phillips didn't start playing drums until he was eighteen. Although he wanted to play the instrument in the sixth grade, when he first got into marching band, Phillips' parents encouraged him to begin his musical journey on a melodic instrument. So he took piano lessons for about four years and then played saxophone throughout middle school, until his senior year of high school. That's when Scott finally put his foot down: "I'm either playing drums or I'm not playing at all!"
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In his ongoing battle to become a drummer, when he was in high school Phillips borrowed kits to play with a local cover band, until his grandfather eventually bought him a used set. Then he went about absorbing everything musical he could at the junior college in Madison, Florida where his dad was a physiology professor. Although heavily influenced by Living Colour's Will Calhoun ("I really dug his hi-hat work"), Soundgarden's Matt Cameron and Metallica's Lars Ulrich were also early inspirations. Phillips consumed the rock music of the day, in addition to the standards that he played in his college jazz band.

After junior college, Phillips transferred to Florida State University in Tallahassee - as a business major. For the first year, he hardly touched the drums. But Scott remained obsessed with finding a new drumset, even though he didn't have any money.
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