Rose then formed The Softies with Jen Sbragia. Two guitars with two angelic voices, a handful of singles on K and Slumberland Records and three full length albums were recorded from 1994-2001.

In addition to her work with Tiger Trap and The Softies, Rose also played with Go Sailor, as a drummer for Gaze, and has recorded three solo albums since 1998. Now living in Vancouver, British Columbia with her son, Rose rejoined the K team in 2009 with Homemade Ship.

Rose Melberg was the founding member of the mid-90s indie bands Tiger Trap, Go Sailor and the Softies; all influential parts of the Olympia/Portland pop-punk scene. In addition to her work with her popular bands she released two critically acclaimed acoustic solo albums, "Portola" in 1998 and "Cast Away the Clouds" in 2006.  During her career she has performed and recorded with such artists as Elliott Smith and Neko Case.  Although American, she has lived and worked in Canada for the past 15 years.  She now lives in Vancouver.

Straight out of a Sacramento high school, Rose Melberg entered the indiepop 7-inch scene in 1992 with her first of many successful bands, Tiger Trap. Crunchy guitars and painfully honest lyrics, the all-girl foursome quickly became stars of the indiepop/punk movement centered around Olympia, WA and record labels like K and Kill Rock Stars. Too good to last, Tiger Trap split after their second US tour, leaving just one classic album and an EP on K Records. Rose quickly teamed with uber- fan Jen Sbragia to form the The Softies, possibly her best-known project. With just two guitars and two voices, The Softies debuted with a 7" and mini-LP on the wonderful Slumberland Records, toured the US 5 times and released 3 amazing albums and singles, also on K Records from 1994-2001.

At the same time, Rose somehow managed to front Go Sailor who collected their sold-out and sought-after pop singles on Look Out Records in 1997, and had two songs featured in the campy film, "But I'm A Cheerleader". Never stopping, Rose also played drums on two albums with Gaze and recorded various duets and solo tracks while on tour. Those stray tracks were compiled on "Portola" released by Double Agent Records in 1998. All-Music Guide gave it 4 stars and declared "Even in light of the uniform brilliance of Rose Melberg's past work with Tiger Trap and The Softies, her solo debut is still revelatory -- never before has her voice been so disarmingly honest and vulnerable... 'Portola' is a small miracle." Rose re-emerged in 2006 with "Cast Away the Clouds" and "Homemade Ship" followed in 2009.
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Drum Dungeon Bio - ROSE MELBERG
Rose Melberg is a musician and songwriter from Sacramento, California who has sung and played guitar as a member of Tiger Trap, The Softies and Go Sailor as well as on her own material. She also played drums and made some songwriting contributions with the band Gaze. Melberg was raised by working musicians and following her appearance right out of high school at the International Pop Underground Convention in Olympia, Washington in 1991, she had almost instant success with the all-female Tiger Trap. The short-lived band garnered a cult following in indie-pop circles. Following the dissolution of the Softies, she gave birth to a son and lived with her husband and family near Vancouver, Canada. She returned to the pop world with her second solo album, Cast Away The Clouds. Melberg toured briefly for the album, including a spot opening for Belle and Sebastian. In 2006, she performed at North East Sticks Together.

Rose Melberg grew up in Sacramento, but her musical career was honed in the burgeoning indie pop/punk scene of Olympia, Washington. It all began, as the say, in 1992 with Tiger Trap, a seminal velvet pop-punk that burned too fast and the group disbanded after two tours.
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