Jennifer, from Coventry, started playing the drums roughly three and a half years ago, following encouragement from her  older brother.  Following in his footsteps, she joined the church band at the age of 13.  At first, she comments,  drumming was just for fun, but recently her drum tutor, Simon Alexander, has inspired her to take it further. Now it is not just a hobby, but a huge part of her life!

Jennifer has been involved with several bands and had filled the seat for no less than three bands before landing her gig with skillet.  She was recently involved with a Guinness World Record attempt for endurance drumming along with the other drum students from Nexus Academy.  They were successful in drumming for fifty-two hours and fifteen minutes each, smashing the world record.   Jennifer commented that she was to find out that she had got into the top forty, let alone the top twelve, as she was not particularly pleased with her DVD!  She plans to give her all in this competition and will be using this opportunity in any way that she can.

She did not win but did impress the judges as well as becoming only the second woman to ever make the final 12.

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Drum Dungeon Bio - JEN LEDGER
Jennifer Carole Ledger (December 8, 1989) is the drummer and backing vocalist for the Grammy Award-nominated Christian rock/hard rock band Skillet. At age 18 she became Skillet's drummer when their former drummer Lori Peters retired.

Her first tour with Skillet was Winter Jam 2008, where the band toured alongside MercyMe, BarlowGirl, NewSong and Mandisa until March 16, 2008. She also toured as Skillet drummer on the "Comatose Tour", where she sang a vocal solo in "Yours to Hold". She is currently recording Skillet's upcoming 2009 studio release (named "Awake",announced recently by Scottyrock [Skillet tour manager]).

Jen was a finalist in the UK young drummer of the year competition in 2006 whilst playing with a local band before moving to the United States and joining Skillet.

Ledger was featured on the 2008 live CD/DVD, Comatose Comes Alive on October 21, 2008. On the album, her vocal solo from the "Comatose Tour" is featured. She is currently recording her first full-length album with Skillet, Awake, which is due out sometime in August 2009

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