In 2005 Jason finished an extensive UK, US and Japanese tour with his band American Hi-Fi. Jason then went on to play regularly with the band Smash Mouth across the US. 

"I called my friend Mitch Marine, who was filling in with them [Smash Mouth], to get another drummers number to get into a Morrissey audition. He said he didnt have the number but that Smash Mouth were going to be auditioning in a month or so for a permanent drummer so I said sign me up. I get a call a month later from him to see if I am going in as the auditions were that week on Wed. and Thur. with callbacks for 4 drummers on Fri. of course I had never heard from anyone about it and at the last minute, and many calls later, they let me come in to play first on Fri. the day of call backs. The 4 drummers who where called back were waiting while I auditioned. We played jams and it was electrical. It clicked and they hired me on the spot and sent the 4 drummers home!! I had never had that happen before. I did that gig right up until I was hired by Cornell."

Sutter not only worked with Smash Mouth at this time, but was also hired by Legendary front-man Chris Cornell for an upcoming tour promoting his new 2007 solo record "Carry On". Jason got to play on one track, which happened at the last minute as most of the album was programmed. Jason was left bouncing between recording sessions and live preformances with what ended up being four groups by 2009 as additional projects with Vertical Horizon and a new band formed from members of Chris Cornell's touring group called Run Through The Desert came into the picture.

When asked about touring with Chris Cornell in an interview by Ludwig, Jason had this to say:

"You have to be able to wear a lot of different hats -so to speak- and be stylistically convincing. You need to be able to play way back behind and rock it as hard as it can get, or play blues like your life depended on it. Now with the new CD, I am playing to songs with clicks and tracks as well as focusing on keeping the tracks creative and interesting, yet simple. Not to mention the many bizarre and unusual time signatures and arrangements that made those early Soundgarden records so unique. This gig is ultimately all about feel and that is why I am here. To do my best to make it feel great. I certainly have listened to the Matt Cameron and Brad Wilks parts and worked them out especially the overall flavor and approach they had and then try to keep true to the parts but with my own contribution. If it is a signature fill its definitely in there as the parts are so masterful on those albums but Chris is super supportive and always encouraging me to do my own thing. Its a pretty great mix!"

Jason also recorded 13 tracks for the Vertical Horizen album "Burning The Days" released Sept. 2009 and has also performed live with them at a few shows which Jason states was a riot.

"It was fantastic. I was going to play in the band years ago but had another band I was signed to so it is great to finally be involved. I basically tracked the record over the course of two years as I was constantly on the road with either Smashmouth or Cornell. I would track a batch of songs whenever we could fit it in. I've also managed to play a series of shows with Vertical in between Cornell commitments and am looking forward to more of that as well! As you may or may not know Neil Peart played [and wrote lyrics for one song] on three of the tracks as well which is a pretty rare and very cool to be sharing a record with him. We were introduced after a show and it was pretty surreal to meet him after all these years and have him instantly start praising my drum parts from the record. It was indescribable."

While out on tour with Chris Cornell, Jason also managed to track songs for another project called "Run Through The Desert.

Run Through the Desert is a rock n' roll machine that is driven by Yogi Lonich's guitar and vocals, Corey McCormick's bass and backup vocals and Jason Sutter's drums. The band became acquainted while rehearsing with rock legend, Chris Cornell in 2007. On their downtime from the Cornell world tour, Yogi (Chris Cornell, formerly Buckcherry and the Wallflowers) enlisted Corey and Jason to form his heavy psychedelic dream band. Jason (Chris Cornell, formerly of American Hi-Fi and Smashmouth) brings his thunderous rhythms to the forefront of the band, taking on Yogi's blistering lead guitar work. They both meet Corey's (Chris Cornell) rock solid, fat bass tone smack in the center of the meter to create a musical union that is an unstoppable and undeniable brand of modern rock.

"The actual recording for RTTD was done very quickly as we didn't have any time as we were heading out on the Projekt Revolution tour for 3 months we had to have it finished. I liked the process as the songs were all fresh and what we played is what you get and I'm very happy with its realism. There were almost no edits and much of it is first or second takes and no click. I just played and didn't think too much like other projects and I couldn't be happier with the result. The looseness and mistakes are my favorite things about the performances. We recorded at 2 different studios in LA and I used the drums at the studios which in both cases where '60s Ludwigs 13", 16", and 22" bass drum and old beat-up heads which I cranked up and I brought in all Paiste 2002 's and Ludwig 6.5 "and 5" chrome-over-brass snares. I love the natural vintage sound of the drums and all the instruments on this record so check it out. I wrote and sang on the third song, too."

When asked about the frequency of changing his drum heads and how he feels it affects overall drum tonality Jason had this to say in an interview with Drum! Magazine:

"It's all about the heads. I find that so many drummers on tour change their heads every two shows or even after every show. That doesn't make any sense to me. My favorite drum sound is from the '70s and if you look at photos ( and you can hear it) the heads have obviously not been changed in months. I think a drumhead sounds its best right before it is shot. So I have been experimenting for years with using heads for as long as possible. A lot of drum techs don't know what to make of it but I'm a firm believer that new heads need to settle and sound better after they have been played for a while. The Ludwig coated heavies are incredibly resilient and have a coating that doesn't wear off so they maintain their consistency longer . For the tour in Europe recently I only changed my top heads 3 times [the whole tour] and the drums never sounded better. I'm pretty proud of that and I think Bonham would have approved."

Following three years on the road with Soundgarden front-man Chris Cornell, while additionally performing and/or recording with Smash Mouth, Vertical Horizon and Run Through The Desert, including tours throughout the US, Australia, South America, South Africa and Europe, Jason has recently been announced as the new drummer for American rock legends Foreigner who he is currently touring with as of Nov. 2010.

NOTE: Special thanks to Ludwig and Drum! Magazine for excerpts used thoughout Jason's Bio.
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Drum Dungeon Bio - JASON SUTTER
Jason Sutter was born in Potsdam, New York, and began playing drums at the age of nine. Jason played his first professional gig at the age of ten with his band Paragon!

Playing his first "bar gig" at thirteen, Jason continued to play clubs two to three times a week throughout his high school years. Upon graduation Jason attended the esteemed University of North Texas where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in music education and later attended the University of Miami.

While pursuing his Masters degree in orchestral percussion, Jason taught, performed and recorded with the top ensembles at the University, including the renowned "Concert Jazz Band" (CJB) as well as performing professionally throughout Miami. While still in Graduate school, Jason landed his first tour with Atlantic recording artist Juliana Hatfield.

After Miami Jason relocated to Boston, Ma. where he recorded performed and toured with such artists as: Letters to Cleo, Jack Drag and Ben Lee among many others.

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Jason has been living in sunny Los Angeles since 2000.

Since his arrival, Jason has had the opportunity to record, perform and tour with such artists as: The Rembrandts, Jason Faulkner, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Pink, The Campfire Girls, Chantal Kreviazuk, Joe Walsh, Butch Walker, Our Lady Peace, Dean and Robert DeLeo(Stone Temple Pilots) and Nina Gordon (Veruca Salt) as well as many others. Jason has also made numerous television and feature film appearances and has performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Carson Daily Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and Nickelodeon.

"I'm always really excited to be able to fit in a session here or there, as I have been kept pretty busy on the road in the last few years."
Jason's awesome solo from 2007 on tour with Chris Cornell.

Watch this monster go, amazing stuff!
Jason with his latest original band project "Run Through The Desert"
Jason's impressive snare drum demonstration