Dennis Chambers has also recorded his own record called "Getting Even" on Pioneer Records, and an instructional video on DCI.

Chambers is currently playing with Niacin, a group founded in 1996. Other Members of the group includes Billy Sheehan and John Novello. Though Chambers, as it is with other members, continues to work solo on other side projects, they always come together to perform as a unit. They have so far made remarkable success and gained a large following even though they play non-commercial instrumental fusion. With Chambers, the group has produced the following albums. Niacin - 1996, Live - 1997, High Bias – 1998, Live! Blood, Sweat & Beers – 2000, Deep – 2000, Time Crunch – 2001, and Organik – 2005. Chambers is also touring with Carlos Santana.

If you have a chance, I definetely recommend checking out some of Dennis Chambers drumming. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Drum Dungeon Bio - DENNIS CHAMBERS
Dennis Chambers (born May 9, 1959) is an American drummer who has recorded and performed with John Scofield, George Duke, Brecker Brothers, Santana, Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Niacin, Mike Stern, and many others. Despite a lack of formal training, Chambers has become well-known among drummers for his technique and speed. He can play in a wide variety of musical genres, but his favourite style is jazz fusion.

Chambers began drumming at the age of four years old, and was gigging in Baltimore-area nightclubs by the age of six. In 1978 (at 18 years old) he joined Parliament/Funkadelic, and stayed with them until 1985. In 1986 he joined the John Scofield band. Since then he has played with most of the major figures in jazz fusion music.

Chambers had no former schooling in music. All his musical training came from playing in nightclubs. At the age of 18 he went from High School to a band called Parliament and Funkadelic. He joined the band in 1978 and played until 1985. From that point he joined Special EFX in 1985.

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In 1987 Chambers joined the David Sanborn Band and the John Scofield Band, which ended 1989. Shortly afterwards he joined the Mike Stern/Bob Berg Band. From that time he has played in other bands and with band leaders such as: Bill Evans, Mike Urbaniak, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Steve Kahn, The Brecker Brothers Band, Santana and many others. He has recorded 3 albums with the group CAB, CAB, CAB@ Grammy Nominated and CAB4. He also recorded his own record Getting Even with Pioneer Records and instructional Video with DCI.

A drummer whose propulsive style and versatility have enabled him to play in combos or large groups, and work with fusion and hard bop bandleaders, Dennis Chambers has also released two sessions as a leader. He's also recorded and played with Bob Berg, Bill Evans (sax), Victor Bailey, Bob Belden, Kevin Eubanks and Mike Stern among others.

Dennis Chambers showing his cool while he keeps time on his kick drum as part of his drum solo.